Cheetah Air – Bakman Technologies

Cheetah Air, a division of Cheetah Software Systems, started in 2014 with the intention of integrating drones into Cheetah’s leading-edge logistics platform to create a solution for drone delivery. While optimizing delivery services, we also strive to decrease the environmental impact of pollution caused by transportation operations through the integration of our UAV platforms…

Cheetah Air Receives FAA Night Waiver Approval Extending their Capability to a 24/7 Autonomous Drone Delivery Solution!

Cheetah Air Takes Another Step Forward with 24/7 Drone Delivery Solution Cheetah Air has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate at night under Part 107 regulations. This allows Cheetah Air to deliver packages and services 24 hours a day and further increases the capabilities to assist customers. While Cheetah Software Systems has […]

Discovery Channel – Drone Delivery and Technology to the Rescue

Autonomous Logistics: Drone Package Delivery for Mainstream Logistics The Cheetah Air team was contacted by the Discovery Channel to offer their inside and expertise on drone package delivery and the integration of Technology into drones enabling fully autonomous UAV platforms. Drone Delivery to the Rescue – Drone technology will help us in ways we’ve never dreamed possible “In […]

Cheetah Air – High Altitude Drone Research and the Climb for Valor

High Altitude Drone Research and the Climb for Valor  The Kilimanjaro Climb for Valor, organized by Tusker Trail and led by Eddie Frank has returned safely after a 9 day trek that led the team to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Kilimanjaro Climb for Valor was an organized climb benefiting the charity Duskin & […]

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