Cheetah Air is a complete and Autonomous Solution for Drone Package Delivery and Monitoring

How it Works

  • Cheetah receives orders from POS system
  • Cheetah calculates the best vehicle, driver, route, and equipment needed for delivery
  • Cheetah sends information to driver/drone and customer
  • Cheetah tracks package live for customer
  • Cheetah updates optimized route and package information based on weather and wind conditions
  • Cheetah advises customer that package is almost arrived
  • Cheetah drone waits for signature, drops package, and takes back off to next delivery

How to View Cheetah

Cheetah Software – Computer Version (Manufactures)
  • View multiple aircraft
  • Manage shipping orders
  • Monitor aircraft for emergencies
Cheetah Mobile app (Customers)
  • View precise delivery time
  • Ability to choose delivery location
  • Warning that package is being delivered
  • Mobile signature for package

 FAQ: How Cheetah Works with Drones

Q: What does Cheetah offer the drones?

A software solution that allows the drone to autonomously collect and deliver packages. Cheetah creates the ability to automatically route flights, monitor and react to in-flight information, and interface with both customers and manufacturers.

Q: Is the system hardware dependent?

No. Cheetah Air can fly autonomously without the need for a ground station or telemetry on-site. Cheetah is compatible with both DJI and Mission Planner Software allowing flexibility during operations.

Q: Why Drones?

Because they have the great potential of being both faster and cheaper than current alternatives.

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