History of Cheetah Software

Optimizing Synchronizing your Dynamic Logistics Operations for over 30 years

Cheetah Software Systems is a premier provider of a dynamic, adaptive Logistics Operations Optimization Platform (LOOP) for retailers and carrier for hire companies in the logistics space, with a passion for the consumer. Our team of experts address the logistics needs of healthcare, retail and carriers that operate courier, less than truckload, truck load and private fleets. Cheetah’s LOOP plans, dynamically manages, adapts and optimizes fleets and drivers, resulting in companies using less trucks, driving fewer miles and making more on-time deliveries.

Cheetah is one of the world’s most advanced operational dynamic logistics platform. It is the only operations solution that not only plans delivery routes, but also predicts extremely accurate arrival times as it adapts, live and automatically, to changing operational conditions. These changes include traffic, weather, accidents, customer cancellations, new stop-insertion and driver exceptions. Our optimization engines receive real-time events like GPS while tracking all drivers in its operational network allowing its optimization engines to seamlessly guide the driver through every step of the process. Customers, Store Managers and Corporate have a real time, live view of the entire network and its delivery performance for all its customers, allowing companies to be operationally proactive rather than reactive.

Sophisticated routing algorithms, system flexibility, a plethora of data sources and live, adaptive automation makes Cheetah the most advanced and efficient practical logistics platform in the market today that delivers in the shortest time possible to customers for the lowest operating cost.  Powering the Omni-channel experience for retail consumers, critical missions for government agencies, reliable transportation for life saving healthcare needs, timely field services and installations, and lowest operating cost for transportation networks. Customers include leaders like Macy’s, FedEx, Ward Trucking, US Pack, Central Freight, and many others.

Over 2 Billion Orders Successfully Delivered by Cars & Trucks

Who is Cheetah Air

Cheetah Air, a division of Cheetah, was formed 3 years ago, to develop and integrate autonomous drone package delivery into the Cheetah Logistics Operations Optimization Platform that services the premier distribution companies. We have integrated the drones with Cheetah’s core optimization platform and tested the solution successfully with different size drones and loads.

Cheetah Outreach

Climb for Valor: This trip served as an opportunity to perform Cheetah’s first true High-Altitude Drone Research and Development while operating in Extreme Temperatures (5°F), High winds (5-30mph) and Extreme Altitudes (10,000 – 19,340 feet).

Detecting Atmospheric Pollutions: This project allowed Cheetah Air to look beyond the benefits drones can offer for delivery purposes and test opportunities to help the environment. This project involved a cooperation with Bakman Technologies to integrate their THz Spectrometer with our aircraft with the intentions of conducting real time gas analysis.

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