Cheetah Applications


Cheetah Air can accomplish multiple types of operations with our integrated technology platform. We work to enhance your operations using our easy to use application. We also work with customers to ensure that our platform is designed and connected based on the needs and uses of customers.

Package Delivery

With over 30 years of experience in package delivery, we have designed our platform to include drone delivery options. With these type of operations, we can deliver packages quicker and at a cheaper cost than regular deliveries due to the reduced daily costs.

Emergency Management

Our platform is optimized to autonomously monitor and control multiple aircraft simultaneously. Through our platform, emergency management teams can view multiple angles, locations, and views to coordinate response efforts to disastrous situations such as forest fires, earthquakes and flooding.

Our platform goes farther than others by monitoring each aircraft’s status including battery life, wind conditions, location and components conditions and can respond to emergencies. This means that when an aircraft has a low battery, it is capable of understanding when it should go to a home location and know how much battery that it will use to get there. This creates an additional safety layer to ensure that emergency managers can focus on their operations rather than adding additional work or concerns.

Security / Surveillance

Our platform is a fully automated system with the capability to set up autonomous charging capabilities and conducting regular scheduled operations. This allows companies that are looking for a security solution to monitor their property through an aerial perspective to conduct fully autonomous operations.

Cheetah’s system is also capable of conducting asset monitoring missions. This includes missions in locations such as freight yards that can utilize aerial scans to check and locate all transportation loads to ensure no package is lost or delayed further.

Photo took by Cheetah Drones

Aerial Imaging and Surveys

Pipeline/Powerline monitoring

Tower/Wind turbine inspections

Agricultural surveys

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